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Unrivaled Taste with Kakes


Gourmet Crafted Popcorn
Made with quality Ingredients 

Premium, House and Custom Flavors To meet every sweet need!

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young chef and tenn entreprenuer Kaylynn Martin

Welcome to the Kakes the Great Kitchen!

Kakes the Great Popcorn Co™ is a small family based business that specializes in custom treats. Pioneered by young chef Kaylynn Martin, we pride ourselves on delivering an innovative take on the sweet and salty versatility of homemade kettle corn. Each batch is handcrafted, masterfully blending the richness of hand-poured chocolate with a variety of toppings. Every serving is made fresh in small batches and immediately sealed to ensure optimal freshness.

handcrafted kettle corn

crafted to tantalize your taste buds

Indulge in the irresistible crunch and sweet-savory bliss of Kakes the Great Popcorn Co.'s gourmet kettle corn – a symphony of flavor in every bite

“Delicious! We tried the Myrtle Turtle, the Vanilla Cookie and the Cookies and Cream and they were all so good. Can't wait to go back and try more flavors!”

- Annie Boensch
customer reviewer kakes the great kettle corn

What Our Clients Say

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