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unique popcorn flavors

About Us

Kaylynn Martin and her unique take on kettle corn

Meet Kakes The Great!

"One trip to the orthodontist changed the course of my life..." ~ Kaylynn Kakes the Great


Hello, my name is Kaylynn but you can call me Kakes. I would say I am your typical girly girl, but I don’t think there is anything typical about being a girl and equally, nothing typical about who I am. I love to have fun, meet new people and help in any way I can. 

On a visit to the orthodontist, my mom and I found out I needed braces. My mom works really hard and I wanted to help her with some of the cost. I thought long and hard about how I could do that and ultimately, I came up with the idea of creating my delicious kettle corn treats! I tested all my flavors with my mom, family and friends; and guess what, everyone loved it! I definitely knew this would be a lot of work, but was up for the challenge. From there Kakes the Great Popcorn Co.™ was born. Each flavor has been created and crafted in the Kakes Kitchen, using premium ingredients, locally sourced vendors, and guaranteeing freshness with every bag. 

Being a young entrepreneur comes with its fair share of challenges and each day I am determined to be the very best at what I do. My favorite part of this journey is knowing there is more to come. Thank you all for shopping with Kakes the Great. Please come back and see us soon!

Kakes The Great | The Sweet Life

Kakes The Great | The Sweet Life

Our Mission

We endeavor to collectively inspire creativity within our community specifically by promoting teen entrepreneurship with collaboration over competition

Kakes the Great Popcorn Co.™ is family based right here in Saginaw, who is passionate about crafting gourmet kettle corn. Our secret? A unique blend of sweet, salty, and everything in-between, creating popcorn flavors that are a cut above the rest.

Our aim is not just about creating delicious treats, but also inspiring others. We're big believers in promoting teen entrepreneurship. We love the idea of working together, teaming up with young minds, and sharing the spotlight rather than competing.

The buzz around our popcorn shop? It's because we're committed to quality and creativity. Every batch we make is a promise of freshness and an exciting taste exploration. We take pride in our work, always prioritizing our customers and ensuring we deliver the best.

So why not join us? Explore our unique flavors, and if you're a young creator with a cool idea, let's collaborate! Dive into the world of Kakes the Great Popcorn Co.™ and discover what gourmet popcorn is truly about.

Features & Press

Good news spreads fast! See all the features and press out for Kakes so far. For information on featuring us please contact us at 

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