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The stars of the show Kakes and Jazz have a special message:


Your support means so much!

JazzyKakes is our dream come true! We wanted to show teen entrepreneurs and others what collaboration can truly be!

 Your purchase of the #JazzyKakes box means you supported not one but two small double minority businesses ANDDDD you support girls who dream of supporting the community. You know all about Kakes but now lets meet Jazmine the 12-year-old owner of Sweet Lips by Jazz!

"Sweet Lips by Jazz offers a variety of handmade candy scented lip glosses, hair scrunchies, and many other accessories. Her dream is to create inspirational gift sets for girls suffering with low self-esteem and depression. These kits include a lip gloss, a scrunchie or a hair bow, four pieces of candy, an inspirational quote, and a message from Jazmine. She in turn donates a portion of her proceeds to local shelters, after-school programs, and clubs for girls."


We hope you love our products and we hope you love this mix of 90's "OLDIES" (we weren't even born yet) our parents put together.... LOL.  Stay Tuned, we have so much more to come. Thanks again!


Kakes and Jazz

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